A solid foundation is key to any development project, be it a new garage at the back of your house or a new hotel in the centre of town. At ghsquared, we believe the development of your website should be no different. Great websites are built by following the best development methodologies and with some ghquared tweaks, we aim to achieve the finest results for our clients. We use the latest in frontend web technology including HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS & CSS and most on trend in backend frameworks with NodeJS, SailsJS and MySQL core to our developments. This allows your website to run fast, smooth and responsive whether your customers are in front of a desktop or on the move with their mobile device.

With our experienced team, with strong backgrounds in computer science, programming and design, we develop our solutions using the highest industry standards. We design our websites by hand and take in various techniques to optimise and enhance your websites experience.



Content Management Systems (CMS) are web sites that provide capabilities for users to manage their own different types of content, data and information.


E-Commerce Systems are managed dynamic website solutions that allow your customers to purchase your products through an online store.


Perfect for Doctors, Dentists, Hairdressers and more, our appointment-booking software can be integrated into any of our custom websites.



Content Management Systems (CMS) are web sites that provide capabilities for users to manage their own different types of content, data and information. At ghsquared, we build on this concept and deliver quality, user-friendly and dynamic CMS for our customers.

We want you to be in control of your website and now you can with CMS. You can update your website at any time of the day, anywhere in the world instantly. We know that market trends change frequently and now you can take advantage of these time-sensitive opportunities by adding relevant content aimed specifically at certain events.

We know that User-Design is a top most priority in CMS. The easier it is to add, update and delete content, the more frequently it is done. We take great care in providing the right framework to do this and make it as an enjoyable experience as possible.

How do we differ from our competitors? At ghsquared, we do not offer “off-the-shelf” solutions like WordPress, each CMS is a tailored, bespoke offering. We work with you to ensure your system is built specifically for your requirements and with our skilled development team we can integrate with the best APIs in the websphere. This means you can perform automated SMS or easily manage your Newsletter Subscribers.


Thinking CMS? Our business package is perfect for dynamic SME websites.


E-Commerce Systems are managed dynamic website solutions that allow your customers to purchase your products through an online store. They reach potential customers from all over the globe and can serve as a beneficial marketing tool. We create custom E-Commerce platforms for our clients, which tailor towards whatever specific product or service they would like to sell.

Managing an E-Commerce system can become quite complicated as adding and removing products may be quite time consuming. At ghsquared, we develop all our E-Commerce systems to have dynamic areas for administrators to manage products, services, stock and even develop analytics consoles for tracking sales and performance. This allows your business to grow with the demand of your customers.

All of our E-Commerce platforms are integrated with the Stripe payment system, which allows for secure payment transfer over secure networks. We strive to deliver the best online shopping system for your customers but also in the most secure way possible.


This is high-spec, high-sec & 24/7 supported. Perfect for scalable E-Commerce websites.


Have you considered how easy it would be, for both you and your customers, if they could book and manage their appointments online? At ghsquared, we have developed just the trick. With our in-house online booking service, we can integrate appointment management into any of our custom built websites.

With the aptly named “Appointify” software, you can have your client’s book appointments & meetings directly through a calendar on your website. This is then synced to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar for perfect integration into your work life and without the expense of some unsupported desktop appointment software.

With Appointify, you get real-time integration and availability. When a customer requests a time slot, it is automatically approved in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and your website is updated in real-time. The User Interface of this solution is developed to seamlessly blend into your website design. It is built on a simple design structure, allowing the look and feel of the calendar to be soft and sleek but still hold all the key functionality that makes the product work.

With Appointify, you give your customers, access to your calendar.


This solution is perfect for doctors, dentists, opticians, hairdressers, beauticians and even gym instructors. Appointify updates your Outlook Calendar in realtime and includes Office 365 to boot.



Phase 1 - Alot of coffee

Here we work with you to understand the project goals, discuss design concepts, identify the best suited technologies (software, web frameworks, API’s etc.), along with possible competitors, suitable online marketing campaigns and search engine optimization tactics.


Phase 2 - Prototyping and diagrams

During the design phase we work on two aspects, backend and frontend. Backend design incorporates creating a holistic view of how data will move through the application. Frontend design refers to the webpages or app screens, ensuring they are user friendly and creative.


Phase 3 - Geek mode

Once there is enough of a solid foundation in place to begin Development. We then pursue an iterative process between Development, Testing and further Design if necessary. Naturally, this is also where are large amount of time is taken on any project but we'll keep in touch the whole time.


Phase 4 - David Attenborough

When the project is complete and all parties are happy, we then release your website, mobile app or application into the wild. This can also include SEO and Marketing campaigns, launch parties and online advertising. Whatever it may be, at ghsquared we have you covered.