Before we begin any web design project, we take the time and consideration to find out more about you the customer and your business. We work to fully understand your business goals, services, products and who your target audience is. Taking all of these factors on board, we work to ensure your website is the best it can be. Between our internal design team and designs we commision from the community, we can ensure your website is built to your needs and market.

As we use the latest technology trends incorporated into our design and build, all of our custom websites come with responsive-design as standard. We understand how important it is that your website can adapt and deliver to whatever device is accessing it.


Looking for a new website designed and delivered? At ghsquared, we offer a complete range of services for you and your business, from start-ups to big enterprise, we provide fully customised web design and branding solutions.


If you are looking to breathe new life into an old website, would like an online presence that truly reflects your business or are even to embarrassed to give customers your current web address? It is probably time, to redesign.


Got an idea? Have one of our experienced team call you to discuss it.


It may be sad to say but nowadays a lot of life is lived online. So now, more than ever, businesses need an online presence. Sure you can setup a page on some social media website, this however, holds no comparison to having your own slice of the web, tailored specifically towards your business and designed with your customer base in mind.

At ghsquared, we understand the reluctance and fear associated with making the online step. We also understand, that if you take your online presence seriously, there is no better way to compete with big business. That is why we work to differentiate your business from the white noise of the web and help you build great new relationships with online customers. It is your product and you know it best. Even online, you should not underestimate the special preference given to local business. We will make your website a reminder to your customers of just how available you really are.

Like you are the expert of your product, we are the expert of ours. That is why, at ghsquared, we take care of everything including hosting, domain name registration, web design, support and marketing.

With a complete web design project we work on two aspects, backend and frontend. Backend design incorporates creating a holistic view of how data will move through the application. Frontend design refers to the webpages or app screens, ensuring they are user friendly, impactful and creative.


Looking for an E-Commerce, Content Management or Online Booking Solution...


If you feel like it is time for a redesign, don’t worry you are not alone. The web has been a fast paced fast growth area and it is only now web design is catching up. At ghsquared, when redesigning a website, we focus on two key areas.

First, we look at information architecture, this is the practice of organizing content so it’s easy to understand and navigate. We want your customers to feel comfortable when using your site and to enjoy the user experience but we also understand there must be an end goal. We tailor your solution to drive the customer to that point.

Second, we redesign and develop your web solution so it is user focused, sharp, sleek and mobile-friendly. With the plethora of devices using the web these days, we build our websites only once but viewed through different devices and platforms they will continue to look and work great. This is our responsive design model and it is central to our ideology.

Throughout the project we endeavour to keep your input paramount. We will part-take in regular interviews and project briefs. We will perform competitive analysis, provide marketing strategy reports and redesign for search engine optimization. During the key milestones of the project you will see wireframe diagrams, part functioning prototypes and mock-ups.

When your project is launched, we will continue to support your online presence, that is the ghsquared difference.


Web Design, Logo Design & Branding.
Responsive and Mobile Friendly.
Dedicated Project Manager.
365 Day Ticketed Support.
Speed from Concept to Launch.
Cost-effictive, NO Upfront Fees.
Social Media Design Integration.
Friendly Face-to-Face Approach.


Perfect for trades people, personal sites or small cloud based applications. This package incorporates the best in design and most affordable in pricing, without skimping on specifications.