Tailored towards dynamic websites and applications. This is high-spec, high-sec & 24/7 supported. Perfect for scalable websites, E-Commerce solutions, CMS and cloud applications. Allows you to integrate with third-party API’s, incorporate SMS notifications or manage subscriptions.


Content and feature rich multi-page website, with up to 12 distinct page types.


We're on your clock, with a dedicated 1hr of consultancy time per month.


Perfect for fast E-Commerce websites, with SSL and online payment integration.


To help find your target audience, we include an SEO and Marketing Strategy Report.


What is the Premio difference?

This package is for dynamic websites and applications where support, security and specifications are paramount. Aimed directly at business customers, this package is perfect for E-Commerce solutions, SME Ready multi-page websites or Content Management Systems. Your custom-built product can integrate with third-party systems and API’s, allowing you to manage mailing subscriptions or incorporate SMS notifications.

Alternatively, we can develop a custom cloud-based business application, to help alleviate the stress your staff experience when performing repetitive mundane operations. For business managers, directors, CEO’s and CTO’s, we can work alongside your database administrator to develop beautiful analytical dashboards so you can view business data in real-time.

Our most expansive package, separates the best from the rest. We include monthly consultancy, so you can have a dedicated member of our team work with you to improve, adapt or change your website, branding or social media presence.

When it comes to integration with third party systems, we can support you by building custom API’s and applications to cater to your specific business requirements, whatever they may be. We include the full specifications of our previous packages and this coupled with our full support will give you the drive and experience your company deserves.


Know a website that needs a makeover. Help us, help the web.


Hosted on a dedicated Cloud Server with 200 Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
Awesome speed with 6 64bit Cores, 8GB RAM and lightning fast 200GB SSD storage.
Feel supported with 99.9% guaranteed server uptime and 365-24-7 on call support
Piece of mind, with SSL security for your CMS, E-Commerce Website or Cloud Application


Interested? Have one of our experienced team call you.


1x HTTPS Secured CMS / E-Commerce Website or Cloud Application
1x .IE or .EU or .COM Domain
20x Configured Domain Email Addresses
1HR Dedicated Consultancy Per Month
1x Strategic Marketing, SEO and Competitor Report
1x Large Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting
6x Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
8GB Memory
200GB SSD Disk Space
200 Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
99.9% Guaranteed Server Uptime
1x Embedded Social Media Feed
1x Integrated 3rd Party System
365-24-7 Support by Ticket and Phone
1x Monthly Analytics Report