With our custom built appointment software, you can give your customers access to your calendar. This solution is perfect for doctors, dentists, opticians, hairdressers, beauticians and even gym instructors. Appointify updates your Outlook Calendar in realtime and includes Office 365 to boot.


Content and feature rich multi-page website, with up to 6 distinct page types.


Create your own content and add it seamlessly to your website through your own dashboard.


With Appointify, you give your customers, access to your calendar and more.


Search engine friendly design as standard, now with montly website usage analytics.


Have you considered how easy it would be, for both you and your customers, if they could book and manage their appointments online? At ghsquared, we have developed just the trick. With our in-house online booking service, we can integrate appointment management into any of our custom built websites.

With the aptly named “Appointify” software, you can have your client’s book appointments and meetings directly through a calendar on your website. This is then synced to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar for perfect integration into your work life and without the expense of some unsupported desktop appointment software.

With Appointify, you get real-time integration and availability. When a customer requests a time slot, it is automatically approved in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and your website is updated in real-time. The User Interface of this solution is developed to seamlessly blend into your website design. It is built on a simple design structure, allowing the look and feel of the calendar to be soft and sleek but still hold all the key functionality that makes the product work.

With Appointify, you give your customers, access to your calendar. This package includes a full website based of the specifications from our Business package, Microsoft Office 365 and our integrated appointment solution "Appointify".


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Hosted on a dedicated Cloud Server with 200 Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
Double speed with 4 64bit Cores, 4GB RAM and lightning fast 100GB SSD storage.
Feel supported with 99.9% guaranteed server uptime and 365 same day ticketed support
With SSL security, you get piece of mind for both you and your customers


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1x HTTPS Secured Website with CMS and Appointify Application
1x .IE or .EU or .COM Domain
10x Configured Domain Email Addresses
1x Microsoft Office 365 Subscription
1x Strategic Marketing, SEO and Competitor Report
1x Medium Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting
4x Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
4GB Memory
100GB SSD Disk Space
200 Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
99.9% Guaranteed Server Uptime
1x Embedded Social Media Feed
365 Day Support by Ticket Only
1x Monthly Analytics Report