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How Website Design Influences Your Business

By Garry Hickey posted 8/18/2016

With companies like Facebook , Instagram & Twitter now displaying seamless and elegant UI's through constant reinvention, people’s expectations have risen dramatically in recent years bringing Web Design to the forefront of most web-oriented companies minds. 

Studies have shown that a websites look and feel can influence consumer behaviour and have an influential decision on whether or not to purchase. In essence, a website is a great marketing and branding tool. You want to give your consumers the ultimate user experience and bring greater business traffic and induce a higher turnover. But like all things, websites can get stale and irrelevant if they are not constantly reinvented. Your Google rankings may slip and slide, leaving you ponder what happened to your revenue.

Design influences sales - Humans are visual creatures, we love things that are attractive, intuitive and easy to navigate. Clever visual techniques coupled with ease of use make for a strong combination, regardless of your specific field. For those in more visual fields such as food or fashion, this has an even great impact.

Fast load time - Humans are almost as impatient as they are visual in respect to consumer behavior. The term "instant gratification" has taken on a new meaning in today's society. No one wants to wait for a page to load. We have all witnessed it. It reflects onto how your business is run, non-efficient. With new website designs and technologies emerging, your website can load faster and keep your consumer on your page longer, which is always good for business.

Keep up with the trends - Every year we see new trends and fads come and go with businesses struggling to keep up with the ever demanding and changing needs of the consumer. Does this mean, however, that a business should change its design every six months? The answer is no. Most business owners would know when their website begins to look and feel outdated. If you haven't invested in any revamp in a couple of years, you know your due for an upgrade.

Design is the way to success. Apart from just resulting in a better looking website, a design upgrade has a much stronger impact on your business. Social integration, ease of navigation, quick loading times, mobile-responsiveness & up to date SEO, all translate into more revenue generated for your business. Don't stay idle and let the world pass by your business, stay involved and tuned in. Do some research on the latest trends in web design and development, and explore the latest consumers expectations. This will allow your business to stay at the forefront of design, trends and most importantly ahead of your competitors.